Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Does your bank invest in armaments?

Today Dave was gifted an amazing book.

He toddled off to record stuff in a studio without realising he shared so many passions with Rupert, who was to be his Voice Over Artiste for the day.

Rupert Degas (otherwise known as Spud to Bob the Builder fans) is an independent-store-loving, tea-drinking, green activist - our kind of guy. He gave Dave a copy of The Good Shopping Guide. Not to be confused with the Unchained Guide to the best independent shops in London (ahem). This is the world's leading ethical reference guide listing the level of corporate social responsibility of the companies behind hundreds of everyday consumer brands.

The charts and tables are jaw-droppingly interesting. They're slightly addictive, you can't help flicking through the book just to check if your brand of toothpaste oppresses its staff. It's all right there.

They also have a site, which isn't the prettiest, but makes up in good content what it lacks in aesthetic charm. You can buy the book here or from that very big company that's named after a river.

Highly recommended by yours truly. Thanks Rupert.

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