Friday, 14 March 2008

Can you feel the love?

A couple of days ago I met Cyndi at Anti-Apathy. Wow, wow, wow - that's right, three wows.

The complete antithesis of apathy (as the name suggests), Cyndi has a gazillion projects on the go, all of them ethical, green and inspired. Worn Again, Anti Apathy's clothing label, which has just created a range of bags made of ex-Virgin seat covers. Then there are events for like-minded lovelies to have a tipple and enjoy entertainment from the likes of The Libertines. There are also plans for the first ethical fashion awards . Phew. And as if that wasn't enough, Anti Apathy's online publication The Nag has just been voted Yahoo's best find of the year.

There are at least fifty-two-thousand ways for us to collaborate and Cyndi's already been kind enough to introduce me to some of her contacts and give Unchained a special little feature on her homepage. Aww. Can you feel the love? I sure can.

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