Friday, 5 September 2008

Hurdle, Challenge or Dead-end?

I've had a bit of a crazy week. Unreasonable deadlines, too much work (all created and delegated by me I might add).

Anyhoo. I arrived early at work yesterday, eager to crack on and get stuff done.

I wasn't in for long when Cyndi arrived and (I don't think she'd mind me saying) she looked like sh*t.

For those of you who don't know, Unchained works with Cyndi who runs Worn Again, Anti-Apathy and The Nag (yes, all three). To say she's busy or productive would be the understatement of the century.

Cyndi looked like sh*t because she'd been burning her lifetime supply of midnight oil. Her incredible label Word Again must be seen. Cyndi upcycles stuff that would usually be thrown away into beautiful arm candy, shoes and other stuff. It's a pretty awesome story. Cyndi had this idea five years ago. She stuck with it, worked like a demon and now has a great business. And she just landed the deal of a lifetime.

Yesterday morning, she'd worked through the night to fix someone else's mistake. Arrived first thing in the morning to continue fixing it. She totally inspired me. Many other weaker, mere mortals would have surrendered, given up, or passed the buck. But Cyndi has cojonas, big time. And that's what makes her an amazing businesswoman.

I should also add that this wasn't the only obstacle Cyndi faced this week. This week was full of things that could have felt thankless, exhausting or like personal insult. The way Cyndi chose to see it, there were a couple of glitches in an awesome plan and she wants everything to be absolutely perfect - and that's means never taking the easy, lazy or defeated route.

And watching her work, work, work it was obvious that it was one of many times she had to truly work to turn her dead-end into a little hiccup.

She makes it look easy. But easy it ain't. Here's to you Cyndi - an example to entrepreneurs everywhere.

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