Monday, 18 February 2008

Good news: people are frustrated with shopping

Good news for little ol' us today in The Guardian.

According to the article people are growing more and more frustrated with shopping. "How can this be good news?" I hear you ask. Well, apparently people are using the internet to research products before they shop more than ever before.

Of course, our online guide is a perfect fit for this trend.

The second piece of good news cam from Tom Wood, a partner at internet usability consultancy Foolproof, who is quoted in the article. Tom (that clever chap) talks about something he calls 'consequence confidence' - a modern fear of buying without researching and suffering the consequences. As a result, shoppers need opinions and endorsements. They (we) need something to trust.

So it's jolly toasts all round that Unchained isn't just about independent shops, but the very best independent shops. We wouldn't attach our name to anything short of fabulous.

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