Friday, 18 April 2008

The trouble with man-flu

There's a lot of trouble with the man-flu, especially if you're me.

Not only does it put you out-of-action for a week, but that means that a lot of emails, blogs and things just never get written. Not good.

It also means that when one attends meetings that absolutely cannot, under any circumstances (sans death) be missed, one may take too many Sudafeds thereby making it impossible to swallow anything dry for days.

Yes, dear reader, it has been a tough week for my head, nose, throat and I.

And in case you were wondering, the man-flu is the very reason why the blogging has been rather thin.

I thought the least I could do was drag my germs to the laptop to share a great piece of coverage we enjoyed in London Lite this week - thank you chaps. Click on the image to read what they had to say.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting gossip next week - there is much to make up for.

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