Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What a start to the new year!

It seems a bit late to be wishing everyone a happy new year. But nonetheless, Happy New Year to you!

Normally over the festive period - like everyone else - we'd be looking forward to another year pretty much like the last one. But not this time! Already 2008 has brought big changes to all of our lives here at Unchained. And we know that there's plenty more changes of seismic proportions to come.

At the start of February we'll hopefully be moving into our new office in the East End. And we hope to launch the second Unchained city before the spring flowers start breaking the dirt. In the meantime, Lea is spending every waking minute emailing, phoning and meeting people face-to-face. And the feedback from everyone is so positive it's just making us all the more excited.

Here's to 2008! Cheers!

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